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Fri 19th Jul 2024
About Us

An online web magazine for global Malayalees from concept to content to presentation is designed to find resonance with the Malayalee Diaspora, to turn it into a monthly ritual of sorts. Combining modern, global aspects with traditional, regional ones, to present a comprehensive outlook of all that is relevant and of important to the Malayalee, it has what it takes to make it a must-read.

It is clearly targeted at the high profile Global Malayalee. With its uncompromising emphasis on articulate, unbiased and well informed coverage, the news portal is in a class of its own, presenting highly relevant and engrossing content in a style that appeals to the well e ducated, intellectual and incisive Malayalee mind.

Exceeding 6 million, the Global Malayalee population is an untapped niche. targets the well educated, well informed, well travelled and well to do target audience with considerable spending power. Ambitious by nature, Malayalees have an impressive presence across fields like medicine,IT and a wide spectrum of business. They are also a people rooted in tradition, proud of their rich heritage and their diverse, vibrant customs. addresses this multi faceted, cosmopolitan-yet-traditional Malayalee. It speaks to him with clarity of things close to his heart and of relevance to him both as a global citizen and as a Malayalee.


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A first-of-its kind online magazine, encompassing news and views from around the world and from India and Kerala. Alongside this panoramic worldview will be articles and commentaries and success stories related to the empowered Malayalee community.

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