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Sat 20th Jan 2018
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Can I travel with my duplicate passport
Paul John
Dear paul

I came to london as a student on march 2011 from india. i lost my passport before three months so i applied for a new passport and i got my passport (it is not emergency certificate) but i dont want to print visa again on my passport because my college is going to close and it will cost too much money to take admission in new college and get visa. so i am planing to go back to india in april. so can i go to india with my new passport without printing visa on it. i only have the copy of my old passport and visa.will they ask for visa when i reach the airport to enter the flight.

kind regards


You can go back to India with your new passport. You can show a copy of your old passport as proof that you had a valid visa in UK. There wont be any problem in the airport as you are travelling with a valid current passport


Paul John
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