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Sun 25th Feb 2018
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When can I apply for PR.
Paul John
Dear Sir,

I came to UK last year as a dependant of my wife. She is on a Tier 2 visa now. My wife qualifies to apply for permanent residency this December. My visa is also finishing with her. Will I be eligible to apply for permanent residency with my wife?
Dear George,
You will not be eligible to apply for PR as you are not living together with your wife in UK for the past 2 years as you came only last year. Your wife can apply for PR if she satisfies all the requirements of the rules regarding permanent residency. You will have to apply for an extension and can apply for permanent residency after 2 years of stay in UK. This has been included in the amended immigration rules and is applicable only to dependants of point based system applicants. It does not affect those dependants who are in UK as dependants of work permit holders.

Paul John

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