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Sun 25th Feb 2018
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Can I get a spouse visa if my sponsor is 19 years of age?
Paul John
Dear Sir,

I wanted to know if I can apply for leave to remain in UK in married visa as I just married a British citizen, The problem is she is only 19 yrs old and the minimum age prescribed is 21.Is there any option I can extend my stay on this basis ? i'm currently on tier 2.

Regards Adarsh

Dear Adarsh,

The UK Supreme Court has recently made a decision stating that the decision of the UK Government restricting the entry of spouses of British citizens below 21 as illegal and violative of human rights. I hope that the UK Border Agency will not further appeal this decision to the European Court and they will implement the judgment of the supreme court soon. Please check the UK Border Agency website in 2 weeks time to see for updation or contact us for further information.
If the UK Border Agency decide to implement the judgement of the Supreme Court you will be able to apply for a spouse visa from UK if you satisfy all other requirements of the rules in this category. All the best wishes.

Paul John
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