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Sat 20th Jan 2018
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How to revoke a power of attorney in India
Paul John
I had given power of attorney to one of my cousins in India to sell a property and I need to revoke it ? What are the steps that could be followed in order to do the same?


In case the power of attorney is registered deed then you have to cancel it through a deed of cancellation/revocation & that too has to be registered. In case the power of attorney is not registered then it can be cancelled by a registered letter written on plain paper & sent to the person/authority for whom this POA deed was made along with a copy to the person in whose favour this was given. A newspaper publications is required only if this POA was given for general purpose & to deal with various people or authorities on your behalf. But as this power of attorney was given for the sale of a property, it is advisable to do a newspaper publication cancelling the power of attorney as this can prevent any future disputes by any bonafide purchaser.

Paul John

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